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Souls to the Polls

Who we are

The KCK Souls to the Polls is a nonpartisan, grassroots initiative designed to ensure ALL voices are included at the “tables of power” by increasing voter turnout. It is an offshoot of the nationwide Souls to the Polls initiative, which was established by a coalition of clergy, their churches and their members to  empower marginalized citizens by assisting with voter registration and providing transportation to the polls. 

Souls to the Polls is grounded in the American democratic ideals of respect for diversity, insurance of equity and reflective of the essential principles of inclusion.  We seek to galvanize traditionally disenfranchised voters, such as Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

Now, more than ever, we need all voices to be heard. Our collective voice  directs policy decisions that impact the well-being of our communities in the areas of health care, adequate housing, school funding, care for the aging, aid for the severely impoverished, and equitable, effective policing.

Get involved!

Be a team leader in your faith or community organization in Wyandotte County.
Email KCK Souls to the Polls to sign up. 

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Our partners and supporters

Rev. Jimmie L. Banks
Rev. Ephthallia Banks
Pastor Ricky Bragg
Assistant Pastor James Brown
Pastor Tony Carter
Rev. Steven Cousin
Pastor George DeBose
Rev. Vernon Debose
Dr. Grady Felder
Rev. Mark R. Holland
Rev. Viola Jones
Dr. Calvin Lewis
Pastor Robert Milan Jr.
Dr. Charles Oliver
Dr. Evan Townsend
Carol Marinovich, Fmr. Mayor of KCK
Dotte Votes
League of Women Voters of Johnson County
Mainstream Coalition

See us in action!

See these brief clips of our Souls to the Polls Car Caravan in action on Oct. 10, 2020.

Watch Souls to the Polls organizer Ann Sanders talk about the coalition on CNN.


KMBC Channel 9 interviews Ann Sanders about the program on Sept. 17.

Souls to the Polls Channel 9

Check out coverage of our Souls to the Polls car caravan in July.

STP coverage with play button

Souls to the Polls Car Caravan

Souls to Polls Car Caravan Oct. 2020