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Member Spotlight: Juliet Sinclair

Kathleen Morrow | Published on 4/26/2021

Where she’s from

Born in Wuhan, China. Juliet Kaihui Sinclair came to the United States in 1995 to complete her M.B.A. studies at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. In 2017 Juliet and her husband moved to Overland Park where she and their 15-year-old son now live. 

About her family

Juliet’s mother and her other relatives live in Wuhan.

Why she joined the LWV

Juliet recently retired from her work as an IT project manager at RR Donnelly, a provider of multichannel business communications. Her first contact with LWVJoCo was her attendance at the February 6, 2021 virtual presentation “Gerrymandering & Fair Maps:  What Kansans Need to Know About Redistricting”. Juliet says she was so impressed by the quality of the program she became a member. She notes that there is no voting in China, and she is proud to be part of a group that supports citizen participation through informed voting and advocacy. She feels very strongly that people should not take democracy for granted!  

What she thinks the League does well

The quality of LWVJoCo programming is to Juliet one of the group’s greatest strengths. She feels  that the programs present important, current issues in a comprehensive way. The topics and  expertise of speakers draw people in. The result is a well-informed advocacy on major issues.

Where she would like to see the League focus in the future

The current focus on redistricting, gerrymandering and voting rights should be continued.  Redistricting and gerrymandering are an important aspect of voting and citizens need to be informed about and know how to influence the process.  This citizen involvement promotes elections that truly reflect the will of the people.

What she does to strengthen our democracy

Prior to joining the League, Juliet was a member of a neighborhood group working to get out the vote.

She is now also a member of the People Powered Fair Maps Working Group and greatly enjoys working on this issue.

Fun Fact

Juliet’s name in Chinese is Zhu Kaihui (朱开慧). She chose Juliet because her family name in Chinese is Zhu, the same character used when Juliet is translated into Chinese. She was also reading Shakespeare at the time. One more fun fact is that her family keeps a family tree book to record all names throughout the generations. This book is 500 years old!  

How she’s coping with the pandemic

Juliet has been in touch with her family and friends in Wuhan since the start of the pandemic in January of 2019. She tried hard to warn people regarding the danger of the virus since then, and was saddened and angered by the lack of response back then. With proper shutdown methods, the birthplace of the virus, Wuhan, now has zero cases. In comparison the US has almost 600,000 deaths. She urges everyone to get vaccinated and continue wearing masks!