Speakers Bureau

Speakers  Bureau 

The League of Women Voters of Johnson County, with decades of study, and involvement in many different issues affecting Johnson County, has gained knowledge and experience it believes would benefit all concerned citizens.   In order to find a means of sharing the information it has gained with other citizens, the League has formed a speakers bureau to provide speakers on a range of topics.

Currently, the League of Women Voters of Johnson County has speakers available to discuss the following:

  • 1) League history, from founding years through the Jo Co chapter’s modern activities
  • 2) Chronological points in history that established Corporate Personhood
  • 3) What the Citizens United decision means and how it affects elections.

All programs are available without charge.  Any honoraria will support our Speakers Bureau.


P.O. Box 13491  Shawnee Mission, KS 66282 or  ContactUs@lwvjoco.org     

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