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Focus on Current Issues

LWVJoCo closely follows current events and issues at the local, state and national levels.

LWV Kansas supports these topics as priorities during the 2020 legislative session


We suggest the following changes to current laws that would help protect the rights of all voters in Kansas.
  • People Powered Fair Maps.
  • Enact Election Day Registration.
  • Expand the early voting period.
  • Allow for permanent or semi-permanent advance voting by mail.
  • Repeal proof-of-citizenship requirement for new voter registration.
  • Election of US President by Popular Vote: The National popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Medicaid Expansion

More than 150,000 Kansans lack health insurance. Expansion needs to be done in th emost effective way, avoiding work requirements and other features shown to be ineffective.

Government Transparency

  • Disallow anonymous bills.
  • Require legislators’ committee votes be recorded.
  • Reduce “Gut and Go.”
  • Change House and Senate Committee Rules.

Other priorities based on LWVK Position Statements
  • Create a broad-based state tax system; reduce sales tax on food.
  • Support Sentencing Reform to reduce prison populations.
  • Support mental health and foster care services.
  • Abolition of the Death Penalty.
  • Support women’s rights to reproductive choice.
  • Support current merit-based system of appointing Kansas Supreme Court Justices.

Local news

KCUR (89.3 FM) Statehouse Blend  is one-part profile and one-part insider look at the Kansas Legislature. Each week, host Sam Zeff welcomes a state representative or senator to the podcast to talk policy and politics, as well as their personal life. We also invite a citizen voice and journalist to round out the conversation over good coffee and donuts. You can hear part of the conversation every Tuesday on Up To Date at 11 a.m.

Kansas news

Civil rights: Kansas Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights issues report about voting rights and the SAFE Act. The report urges the Kansas legislature to reconsider voting requirements in the context of these findings.

LWVK State Council included a presentation, “Effect on Schools by State Education Funding” by Salina School Superintendent William Hall.

National news