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Presidential Update December 2020

Amber Stenger and Ellen Miller | Published on 12/1/2020

Shout Out: YOU Made the Difference! 

In 2020, neither COVID-19 nor election crises could stop JoCoLeaguers. You went the extra mile, helping protect voters’ rights. Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for your work during this election season and throughout the year! Many helped in several of our four election areas. If anyone has been omitted, please accept both our apologies and thanks.

Voter Registration, chaired by Deb Scott and Robyn Hart. Ann Alcasabas, Barbara Ambrose, Nancy Anstaett, Jeanne Bates, Jennifer Bauer, Carol Berey, Jan Brunks, Kimberly Bruns, Ruth Cain, Diana Carney, Lisa Carson, Benita Carter, Debbie Cox, Dorothy Crooks, Sam Dworkin, Anita Foertsch, Jean Frankel, Sandi Fried, Judy Greene, Esther Grenz, Lynn Hardy, Nicole Hastings, Kay Heley, Liz Hendricks, Gloria Hiller, Beverly Jaderborg, Linda Jordan, Hadley Kaff, Lisa Kuhnke, Sara Kurtz, Karin Leacox, Julie Lester, Jeannine Linnane, Eileen Manza, Eileen Marshall, Cathy Matlack, Anne McCleery, Janet Milkovich, Ellen Miller, Kathy Minges, Peggy Morgan, Marcia Nana, Joanie Nicholas, Ann Norbury, Jane O’Neil, Ellen Porter, Mimi Rainen, Caryn Rains, Marsha Ratzel, Patti Regan, Rose Reichert, Kristy Reynolds, Betty Rottinghaus, Cecile Schloegel, Ann Schuster, Paula Schwach, Beth Seberger, Marlys Shulda, Nancy Stone , Kathleen Strange, Phyllis Sullivan, Donna Sutton, Deb Thom, Marian Thomas, Sue Tiffany, Vickie Trott, Ernie Wildman, and Noeline Woolrich.

Voter Information, chaired by Julie Lester with Becky White. 

  • -- Candy Birch, Marge Gasnick, Beth Seberger, Patsy Kile, Julie Rainen. 

  • Candidate forums – Julie Lester, Becky White, Marge Gasnick, Amanda Vega-Mavec, Leslie Sullivan, Mary Lou Jaramillo, and Amber Stenger.

  • Legislative coffees before COVID -- Cathy Nix.

  • Voter To Voter direct contact – Jill Quigley. Sarah Baum, Candy Birch, Mary Grant, Danielle Keller, Deborah Kitchin, Kathleen Morrow, Ann Norbury, Mimi Rainen, Marsha Ratzel, Amber Sellers, Amber Stenger, Erica Voell, Linda Watts, and Nan Wilson.

Election Office opening mail ballots, chaired by Jan Brunks. Nancy Anstaett, Lisa Bonds, Laura Blair, Katherine Boutros, Paula Brunner, Aimee Burrow, Mary Coffman, Dorothy Crooks, Evie Curtis, Jo Dinkins, Lora Enfield, Jean Frankel, Sara Funk, Joe D. Gillespie, Judith Green, Mary Grimes, Sally Groves, Lynn Hardy, Henrietta Harrison, Robyn Hart, Kay Heley, Anthony and Barbara Hill, Gloria Hiller, Tinna Hung, Kim Kirkwood, Diane Kuhn, Sara Kutz, Donna Lauffer, Julie Lester, Bonnie Limbird, Sheryl Maguire, Leslie Mark, Royceann Mather, Patty Modig, Kathleen Morrow, Eileen Marshall, Janet Milkovich, Ellen Miller, Marcia Nana, Cathy Nix, Ellen Porter, Patti Regan, Cecile Schloegel, Ann Schuster, Paula Schwach, Deb Scott, Linda Seiner, Cindy Shriver, Lisa Tamblyn, Nancy Waters, Becky White, Bob Woolrich, Noeline Woolrich, and Patricia Wright.

Souls to the Polls, chaired by Elizabeth Ann Sanders, PhD, with Marge Gasnick and Wendy Wilson.

  • Committee members:Edna Baginsky, Candy Birch, Margaret Gasnick, Joan Gilson, Lynn Hardy, Mary Lou Jaramillo, Karin Leacox, Julie Lester, Wandra Minor, Ellen Miller, Elizabeth Ann Sanders, Amber Stenger, Becky White, Wendy Wilson. 

  • Other members who participated in the two car caravans included Marjorie Altenbernd, Frances Bauman, Robyn Hart, Nicole Hastings, Kay Heley, Tinna Hung, Lisa Kuhnke, Sheryl Maguire, Janet Milkovich, Kathleen Morrow, Ann Norbury, Ellen Porter, Mimi Rainen, Ann Schuster, Beth Seberger, Anne Shields, and Amanda Vega-Mavec.

Leaguers, we stand in awe of your energy and grit. You defended our constitutional right to cast a ballot. Thank you.
Amber Stenger and Ellen Miller, Co-Presidents